Am I permitted to have a home occupation in Miami Township?
If you feel that you can meet all 10 standards, then you would be permitted to have a home occupation.

Please read the ordinance below:
Home Occupations
Miami Township Zoning Resolution
Article 2, Section 208.02

The following are the general rules to follow if you plan to operate a home business. Your home occupation must be in compliance with all of the following regulations. A home occupation shall be an occupation carried on only within a dwelling unit by members of the family residing therein and provided:
• Said occupation does not require state or local inspection
• There shall be no internal or external alteration of the structure, when such alteration would be necessitated by such occupation
• The occupation shall not occupy more than 200 square feet of floor area within the dwelling unit
• Said occupation shall not require the use of any accessory building or yard
• No wholesale or retail trade is permitted on the premises
• Physical inventories for wholesale or retail trade shall not be maintained
• The occupation shall not generate any additional pedestrian or vehicular traffic other than that normal to a residential us
• No commodities shall be sold on the premises
• The only mechanical equipment installed or used is that which is normally used for domestic or household purposes
• No identification of the home occupation shall be permitted on the premises

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