Do all signage require a permit? What kinds of signs are not allowed?
Signs are a vital part of Miami Township as sources of information and as components in the landscape. They contribute to the health, safety, and general welfare of the community by giving general information, location, direction, and warning. Any sign allowed under the resolution may contain, in lieu of any other copy, any otherwise lawful non-commercial message that does not direct attention to a business or to a commodity or service for sale and that complies with all other provisions of the Resolution, including the specific provisions for signage in the land use category on which the sign is placed. No sign intended, permitted, or regulated as an on-premise sign shall display off-premise commercial messages.

Prohibited signs are as follows:
• Pennants, streamers, and similar type devices
• Signs which have spinning devices or strings of spinning devices or similar type devices
• Signs which are not securely affixed to the ground or otherwise affixed in a permanent manner, except temporary signs to a permanent supporting structure
• Projecting signs
• All blinking, flashing, or intermittent lighting, except as hereinafter provided: revolving lights and strings of lights are prohibited, except those strings of lights used for decorative purposes during the Winter holiday season
• Beacons and search lights, except for emergency purposes
• Any existing sign which is not a legal non-conforming sign and which has not been previously authorized by either Miami Township or Montgomery County Zoning Authorities
• Vehicles on which identification of a business, service, or other advertising is displayed, consistently parked or used on the premises in such a manner and for such duration that they constitute a sign
• LED, electronic, and digital reader boards not used as part of an approved changeable copy-electronic display
• Portable advertising signs which have supporting structures designed and manufactured for the purpose of being transported from one location to another
• Roof signs
• Balloons, including hot air balloons, except for one three-day display for every six-month period
• Moving, revolving or rotating signs
• Signs displaying off-premise commercial messages, except Advertising Signs as provided for under the code
• Any sign not expressly permitted by these regulations

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