Mapping Center

Maps are an effective way to share complicated information about our community in a simple, visual way. Each map below is intended to provide quick and easy access to details residents, businesses, and developers need to know about Miami Township. Township staff is always working on new and improved mapping applications to provide better service. If you have requests for maps that would be helpful to better enjoy Miami Township, please contact Community Development Department staff.


Zoning Map

The zoning map is the official representation of the zoning classification for properties within the unincorporated portion of Miami Township. In addition to the official zoning map, click the image or link below to access an interactive zoning map. The interactive map allows you to search for a specific address and provides a link to any relevant zoning legislation. The interactive map is for informational purposes only, it is recommended that you reach out to the Community Development Department for formal decisions related to the information found.

ZM Opens in new window

Interactive Zoning Map

Official Zoning Map (PDF)


Street Map

The Miami Township Street Map is a comprehensive map of all streets - public and private within Miami Township. Street names and locations can alter over time, this map is provided for general reference only.


Street Map (PDF)