Community Planning

An essential role of the Community Development Department is to work with residents, business owners, and anyone who cares about Miami Township, to think about what we want our community to be in the future and what it will take to get there. The Community Development Department works on planning efforts at many different scales, sorted into categories on this page: Comprehensive Plans, Subject Plans, and Area Plans.


Comprehensive Plan

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The Plan is the new comprehensive plan adopted by the Board of Trustees on March 15, 2022. The Plan acts as a guidebook for the future of Miami Township by outlining goals, initiatives, and land use recommendations that will guide development and future land use decisions. The initiation of many Subject Plans and Area Plans are recommended by The Plan. The Plan is designed to be an active document that will be amended as community conditions change. Click on The Plan logo above to view the full document.


Subject Plans

Subject Plans are plans that address a topic that affects all or much of Miami Township, but have a narrow scope of focus, unlike the comprehensive plan. Previous Subject Plans, as well as some plans that are in progress, can be found in the carousel below. 

Crains Run Playground

Parks Plan

In 2022, Miami Township initiated a Parks Plan to allow Miami Township residents and anyone who loves Miami Township parks an opportunity to provide suggestions for how our park system can be the best that it can be! The plan is anticipated to be complete in late 2023 with several opportunities to get involved along the way. 

Miami Township Parks Plan Survey

Bike Path - Great Miami Trail

Bicycle Friendly Community Action Plan

The Bicycle Friendly Community Action Plan was a joint planning effort between Miami Township and Miamisburg that was adopted in 2009. Many of the goals and recommendations of the plan remain relevant to the community today, however much has changed since its creation and an updated plan should be commenced in the coming years. 


Area Plans

Area Plans are plans that are focused on specific boundaries within the township. While the implications of implementing the plan will have widespread effects on the community, the target of the study is usually set to a defined area within the township or region.


Dayton Mall Area Master Plan

In 2015, Miami Township adopted the Dayton Mall Area Master Plan. The primary objective of the plan is to set an achievable vision that seeks to transform two square miles of commercial and retail strip development surrounding the mall into more walkable, mixed-use development. Click the plan title above to view the plan.


Austin Interchange Land Use and Development Plan

The Austin Interchange Land Use and Development Plan was a multi-jurisdictional planning effort adopted in 2004 that lead to the construction of the Austin Interchange and the development of Austin Landing and the surrounding Austin Center. Though nearly two decades old, the document is still referenced today when planning for the future of the Austin Interchange.