Layer Park Updates

Layer Park: U.S. EPA Project Update

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finished their restoration work in October 2017 and Township crews worked throughout the winter to have the park re-opened and ready for visitors in 2018. The Township closed the park in January 2016 after high levels of lead and arsenic were found on more than two acres of the 7.5-acre property.

After the immediate threat to the public was removed, US EPA contractors worked to ensure all safety standards were met and have the park restored to its natural state. Contractors planted over 60 large caliper native trees to re-forest the park. Other park restoration plans included: the replacement of the visitor parking lot, renovations to the two half-court basketball courts, removal of a severely deteriorated tennis court, installation of a new swing set placed in an engineered wood fiber mulch fall zone, and replacement of two cooking grills. Other Township improvements for 2018 included the replacement of play equipment and renovations to the shelter house. Future plans for the park are to renovate the sport field for youth baseball, soccer and/or lacrosse and then welcome seasonal reservations for organized youth teams. 

Layer Park is located at 4999 Cordell Drive. The EPA determined the soil contamination was caused by a skeet shooting range which operated on the property from the 1930s to the 1950s. The EPA managed the cleanup under its Superfund Removal Action program at a cost of approximately $3-million. The Township is very appreciative of the partnership with the EPA in efforts to restore this beautiful park for leisure and recreational activity.