Public Works Audit

At the Township's request an independent financial, work efficiencies and management audit was completed in late May 2015 for the Public Works Department. Mosaic Strategic Partners spent 13 weeks observing the Director and Public Works staff, compiling data and performing stakeholder interviews in attempt to identify potential solutions to address declining revenues. After the audit was completed, Public Works supervisory staff participated in a 2-day Business Case Analysis educational seminar and used this opportunity as a tool to implement some of the audit's recommendations. 

Mosaic's Project Goals included:

  • Get the parks back into shape after the department was disbanded in 2010
  • Determine how to catch up on street repairs
  • Explore any and all financing and grant options
  • Assess Public Works leadership and strategy, as well as processes and staffing
  • Create long term forecast, provide improvement recommendations, and develop a plan incorporating all of the above.

The analysis results proved to be very favorable for the department's work efficiencies and management competencies. However, the findings indicated due to the severity of the financial strain on all Public Works departments, operating levies for roadway resurfacing and park system maintenance are needed to adequately serve the community in the future.

Mosaic's audit findings were presented to the Board of Trustees in a publicly held work session on June 2, 2015. The Board of Trustees held public input meetings on June 30th and July 16th to gain valuable feedback from the community regarding services provided to the residents of Miami Township. The audit presentation can be viewed by clicking Here.