License Tax Information

Miami Township receives tax revenues from vehicle registrations through the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (OBMV). All passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, trailers, etc., registered by residents of Miami Township generate much needed revenue for roadway maintenance, but you must state you are a resident of Miami Township to the deputy registrar at the time of registration. If not, our monies may go to the cities of Centerville, Dayton, Miamisburg, West Carrollton, Moraine or Carlisle. The Township currently receives roughly $82,000 in license registration tax revenues to be used for roadway maintenance.

In April of 2016, the Township began taking the necessary steps to enact an additional $5.00 supplemental license tax fee in attempt to compensate for the nearly $450,000 per year reduction in property tax revenues since 2009. Two public hearings were held by the Board of Trustees prior to the adoption of formal legislation. Many local jurisdictions have already enacted this additional tax for vehicle registrations. The additional fee for registrations began in 2017 and 100% of the revenue generated goes to Miami Township. This additional revenue is used according the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) Section 4504.18.

According to ORC Section 4504.18, the funds generated from the license registration fees shall be used “for the construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance and repair of township roads, bridges and culverts; for purchasing, erecting and maintaining traffic signs, markers, lights and signals; for purchasing road machinery and equipment, and planning, constructing and maintaining suitable buildings to house such equipment”.