Zoning Fee Schedule


The Community Development Department has updated its fee schedule. This new fee schedule took effect November 5, 2020.

2020 Fee Schedule (PDF)

Current Fee Schedule:

The Fee Schedule was established by the Miami Township Board of Trustees and is in compliance with Article 3, Section 305 of the Miami Township Zoning Resolution and is hereby enacted per Resolution #07-2016, effective March 1, 2016.

Zoning Certificates - Residential

Type of FeeRate

Residential additions, accessory structures, or other residential structures. Includes decks, sheds, garages, water surface areas of above and in-ground pools, hot tubs, etc. Attached to primary structure or detached.

$0.07 / square foot
(with a $20 minimum)
Single family home (new construction)

Two-family & multiple-family residence$60 / unit
($350 minimum)


Zoning Certificates - Commercial

Type of FeeRate
New primary buildings$0.07 / square foot
(with a $600 minimum, $10,000 maximum)

Additions / Façade Modifications (including room, area additions, façade changes, new parapets, towers, etc.)

$0.07 / square foot
(with a $300 minimum, $10,000 maximum)
Accessory Structures$0.07 / square foot
(with a $200 minimum, $10,000 maximum)
Minor Attachments (fences, free standing walls, awnings, satellite dishes, etc.)


Zoning Certificates - Signs

Type of FeeRate
Permanent sign$100 for the first sign, $25 for each additional sign on the same application for the same tenant)
Outdoor advertising sign


Zoning Certificates - Use Permits

Type of FeeRate
Residential Temporary Uses and Structures

Commercial Temporary Uses and Structures

Lot Split/Consolidation Review

Change of Use Permits – not involving building construction, erection and additions


Zoning Commission Application

Type of FeeRate

Regular or Planned Development change requests, re-zoning or requests to change Planned Development Standards.

Re-zonings (RZ, RZ-PDP, RZ-FDP)

Planned Development Regulations Amendment (PDRA)

Special Purpose Planned Unit Development (SP-PUD)

Final Development Plan reviews (FDP) and Major Modifications (MJM)

Minor Modifications (MM) to Final Development Plans (Administrative Approval)

Text Amendments - not initiated by the township (TA)

Site Plan Hearing (SPR)(new construction under Section 7.3.C.3)


Austin Center General Development Plan Review (ACGD)

Landscape Site Review (LSR)

Architectural Sign Package (ASP)

Outdoor Advertising (OA)


Board of Zoning Appeals Applications

Type of Fee
"A" through "O-2" District and Residential PD's$200
"B-1" through "I-3" and "AC-1" through "AC-5" Districts$300
Applications for Administrative Appeals$50

Community Entertainment District (CED) Application

Type of FeeRate
"B-1" through "I-3" and "AC-1" through "AC-5" Districts

Zoning Verification Letter

Type of FeeRate
Zoning Verification Letters. Please include parcel number(s) for each property you are requesting.
$30 Per Parcel

Other Charges

Type of FeeRate
Zoning Resolution book$20
Printed Zoning Map$2
Printed Street Map ($0.50 for residents with proper ID)$2
Copies (first 25 copies free, $0.05 per page thereafter)$0.05