Snow Removal

Snow Removal Operations

The Road Department provides residents and businesses with snow removal on township maintained roadways. The township is divided into 10 snow routes. Snowfall of less than 3 inches is removed by melting the snow with rock salt. Rock salt applications take crews about 4 hours to treat all township maintained roadways. Roadways are sometimes pre-treated with a salt brine mixture before a weather event to aid in melting the snow.

Snowfall of more than 3 inches must tbe plowed and salted to remove the snow. Snowplows take at least 10 hours to complete a single pass through the township. Streets may also be categorized by traffic volume or slope. The most heavily traveled roads are treated first, followed by streets on a steep slope and then streets with low traffic volume. Cul-de-sacs may not be plowed until the day following a winter weather event. 

Snow Removal Tips

The Road Department asks residents:

  • Delay non-essential travel until after the roads are cleared.
  • Do not attempt to pass township vehicles plowing or salting.
  • Park off streets during a heavy snowfall to allow crews to plow the entire width of the street. Vehicles left parked on the street may get blocked in or spraed by snow or debris. Township crews will not return to clear the roadway if a vehicle is parked on the street and then moved after crews finish plowing.
  • When clearing a driveway, it is not permitted to push the snow out into the street. The responsible party will be liable for damages caused by illegally pushing snow into the roadway.
  • To avoid clearing a driveway entrance repeatedly, wait until the plow truck has completed clearing the roadway curb to curb after the weather event is over. Crews must clear roadways multiple times for motorist safety during prolonged weather events.
  • Clear snow from around fire hydrants and storm water catch basin inlets.

Obstructions within the right-of-way

Items placed in the road right-of-way such as landscaping, rock, sports equipment, irrigation systems and other lawn decorations are considered obstructions according to the Ohio Revised Code Section 5571.14. Residents place these items in the right-of-way at their own risk. Miami Township is not liable for damages to these obstructions while performing snow removal. 

Agency responsibilities

Not all roadways within Miami Township are maintained by our crews. Certain roads are maintained by other governmental agencies or private contractors:

  • The Ohio Department of Transportation, (937) 832-1824, maintains all state routes such as: SR 741, SR 725, SR 4 and I-675.
  • The Montgomery County Engineer’s Office, (937) 837-2528, maintains county roads such as: Lyons, Union, Jamaica and Manning roads.
  • Condo/apartment complexes and mobile home parks have streets maintained by the owners of the complex including Habitat, Autumn Woods, Lyons Gate, Covey Run and Austin Springs.
  • Newly constructed roadways (not formally accepted by the township) or private roadways are maintained by the developer or by a homeowners' association.
  • Austin Landing is maintained by the developer of the property.

Residents with questions or concerns regarding snow removal are encouraged to call the Road Department at (937) 866-4661. Refer to the Master Street Index for a listing of all roadways in Miami Township.