Permit / Applications

To assist you with the successful processing of your zoning application and answer any zoning related questions you may have, please review the provided information below.  

  • Select the appropriate application form for your project from the list below.
  • Complete the application and prepare any required plan drawings.  If you are uncertain which application to use or what materials you need to provide please contact the Community Development Office at 937-433-3426.
  • Be sure to attach any of the required site plans along with your completed application.  Please do not use the sample drawing but create your own.
  • Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed until all the required material is provided. 
  • Please note, we are unable to receive payments in advance for Zoning Certificates and any payments received at the time of the application will be returned.  You will be contacted with the total amount due after your application is reviewed. 
  • All Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals applications do require payments in advance.
  • Plans submitted for zoning certificate applications may be hand drawn and need not be to scale.  Zoning Commission applications must include one scale-able copy of plans in either digital or physical format.

General Permits - Zoning Certificates

For standard development or construction on your property, one of the following certificates may be necessary. 

Board of Zoning Appeals

Prior to completing the forms below, please contact a member of the Community Development Staff to discuss your potential case.  Please note that all Board of Zoning Appeals applications require notarized signatures of the property owner and all fees must be paid at the time of the application.

Zoning Commission

When submitting site plans for the Zoning Commission please provide at least one set of physical plans 11 x 17 (or larger) and a second scale-able set of digital plans. Please note that all Zoning Commission applications require notarized signatures of the property owner and all fees must be paid at the time of the application.

  • Rezoning (Zoning Map Amendment)
    • To change the zoning of a property from one district to another. Not for modification into a Planned Development.
  • Site Plan Review (SPR)
    • For approval under Article 7 of the Zoning Resolution. This includes all new construction within a B-3 or B-4 district if it does not meet the Administrative Review process.
  • Architectural Sign Package (ASP)
    • Process to allow unique signage packages for large retail centers.
  • Landscape Site Review (LSR)
    • Process to allow unique landscaping design for retail centers.
  • Austin Center General Development Plan (ACGD)
    • Development approval process for all parcels with an Austin Center "AC" designation.
  • Outdoor Advertising (OA)
    • Approval of any outdoor advertising sign that meets certain criteria.
  • Zoning Text Amendment - Contact Staff
  • Planned Development Requests
    • To change the zoning of a property into a Planned Development two options are available - to provide a preliminary plan with general site design and development standards or to provide full development materials, including site, landscaping, lighting, and building elevations.
    • Final Development Plan / Tenant Fit Up (FDP)
      • To finalize a portion of a Planned Development that already has a Preliminary Development Plan in place.
      • Used to permit final tenant fit ups for buildings already approved.
    • Major Modification to PDP or FDP (MJM)
      • To make a modification to a previously approved Preliminary or Final Development Plan.
    • Minor Modification to FDP (MM)
      • Administrative / Staff Level Approval
      • To permit minor changes to a previously approved Final Development Plan. Generally for small landscaping, lighting, or signage modifications.

Please fill in all the information requested on the form. If you have any questions concerning the application, please call the Community Development Office at 937-433-3426 for assistance.