Codes, Plans & Maps

Zoning Resolution

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Last Updated: August 4, 2021

The Miami Township Zoning Resolution was originally adopted in 1972 and is intended in part to implement the larger goals of the Miami Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan. Prior to 1972 zoning was regulated by Montgomery County and has since been amended several times to meet the needs of the community. We anticipate that the code will continue to change with the community. Any questions or comments regarding the zoning resolution may be directed to the Community Development Department.

Zoning Exterior Property Maintenance Code

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Last Updated: August 28, 2018

The Miami Township Exterior Property Maintenance Code was originally passed by Resolution #137-97 on December 17, 1997.  The code was updated and adopted under the Township’s Home Rule Authority on August 28, 2018. The Miami Township Board of Trustees is authorized by Section 505.73 of the Ohio Revised Code to control the maintenance of existing structures and premises as necessary within the unincorporated area of the township.

Zoning Map

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Last Updated: August 11, 2020

The Zoning Map is the official representation of the zoning classification for properties within the unincorporated portion of Miami Township. Not all zoning classifications (districts) contained in the Zoning Resolution have been used. All properties were placed into one classification or another when the map was first adopted in 1972. Many properties have been rezoned since 1972 and the current classifications are represented on the map.

Property owners may request, by filing an application, to have their property rezoned into a different zoning district. Questions regarding the rezoning process may be directed to the Community Development Department.

Street Map

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The Miami Township Street Map is a comprehensive map of all streets - public and private within Miami Township. Street names and locations can alter over time, this map is provided for general reference only.

Comprehensive Plan

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The Comprehensive Plan was most recently updated and adopted by Miami Township in 2006. The Comprehensive Land Use Plan document contains goals and broad directives to guide the course of planning within the community, in order to provide guidance to residents, staff, and appointed and elected officials on issues of growth and development. Credit for the document goes to the staff and the Volunteer Steering Committee. The committee sponsored several public meetings and a survey to gather input from the community on issues of planning and development.

Comprehensive Land Use Map

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The Comprehensive Land Use Map is a guide for future development of Miami Township. It visually outlines proposed land uses for the future of Miami Township as adopted through the Comprehensive Plan.

Additional Plans