2019 Resurfacing Program

The Road Department is preparing for the 2019 Resurfacing Program. Residents on streets scheduled for resurfacing will receive prior notification of the details regarding temporary lane closures or parking restrictions if applicable. All streets on this year’s resurfacing schedule have been crack sealed by Miami Township crews prior to the resurfacing applications. Four (4) street sections will receive an asphalt overlay through Montgomery County’s Asphalt Resurfacing Program.

Asphalt Overlay

The following street(s) will receive an asphalt overlay through Montgomery County’s Asphalt Resurfacing Program. 

  • Crains Run Road (Dayton Cincinnati Pike to Toucan Street). These roadway improvements will be funded from the sale of township property in 2018.
  • Belvo Road (Township jurisdictional limits)
  • Eckley Boulevard
  • Spring Valley Pike (Washington Church Road to Captiva Bay Drive)


The following streets will receive Micro-surfacing:

  • No streets in 2019.

A bidding specifications packet is assembled by the Public Works Director and the project will be awarded to the lowest and best bidder. NOTE: Cost for materials increased more than 30% in 2018 from the 2016 bid prices. 

Budgeting for Roadway Improvements

Over $600,000 has been budgeted for roadway resurfacing in 2019. Half of the funds used to support the program will come from the sale of property along Austin Boulevard. The Township sold property, including a Road Department storage building originally built at a cost of $430,000, to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton. 

There is over 90 linear miles of roadway in the Township. Streets are evaluated and resurfaced based on the severity of deterioration.