Township Administrator

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Ronald L. Hess
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Christopher Snyder

Ronald L. Hess

The Township Administrator is the chief administrative officer and reports directly to the Board of Trustees. As administrator, Ronald Hess is responsible for daily administration, enforcement and execution of the policies and resolutions set forth by the board. He also supervises and directs the daily activities of each department, and sits on the Operational Oversight Committee of the Miami Valley Fire District. He is assisted by the assistant township administrator.

Ronald L. Hess was named township administrator in May 2019 after serving as the township police chief since 2013. Having set the tone for a police department held to the highest standards and accountability, he will bring the same intensity to his new role as administrator.

Under the guidance of Chief Hess, the police department received CALEA (Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies) accreditation in 2017. The highly recognized distinction was earned after an intense accreditation process in which the department must demonstrate its commitment to creating and following set policies and procedures that ensure public safety.

Hess has more than 40 years of law enforcement experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Dayton.


Assistant Township Administrator

Christopher Snyder

Chris Snyder was named Assistant Township Administrator in June 2021 to assist with overall management of the township. He previously held the position of community development director since 2014.   Chris continued to oversee operations of the Community Development Department until a new Community Development Director was appointed in June 2022.  His primary responsibilities are assisting the Township Administrator with management of daily operations and implementation of policies as directed by the Board of Trustees.   

Throughout his career in the Community Development Department, Chris has worked on projects ranging from the 100-acre mixed-use center Austin Landing to playing a lead role in planning for the future of the Dayton Mall area via the Dayton Mall Area Master Plan. The department has assisted in the development of more than $200 million in new construction throughout Miami Township since 2012. This development, such as the new FedEx facility on Byers Road, has helped to create and retain thousands of jobs in the area.  In addition to new development projects, the department has also worked on projects such as the bikeways stretching between Austin Boulevard and the Great Miami River.

Chris has worked in the planning field over 20 years, having graduated from the University of Iowa with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in urban and regional planning. He has worked in both the private and public sector and is certified through the American Planning Association and attends regular continuing education programs to maintain his certification.  Chris has also graduated from the Center for Local Government Leadership Academy and attended the State Employment Relations Board Academy in Columbus to further his management skills. 

Chris serves on the Austin Center JEDD and is a member of the Board of Directors for the Miami Township Community Improvement Corporation.