Dayton Mall Area Master Plan

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About the Plan

Miami Township began the Dayton Mall Area Master Planning Process in 2013 by creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) for consultant services to create a scope-of-work for a master plan. In 2014 the Miami Township - Dayton Mall JEDD took the next step and commissioned a second RFP based on the scope of work that was created. Below is information about each part of the process and what the Miami Township, together with the JEDD, intends to accomplish.

Phase I

This phase was the first step in creating a long term master plan for the Dayton Mall area to guide current and future policies.

Phase II

Phase II was focused on developing a master plan for the Dayton Mall Area along with a detailed implementation strategy. The master plan includes the following components:

  • Executive summary highlighting the key aspects of the master plan
  • Overview of community participation
  • Existing conditions analysis
  • Community-based vision statement and supporting plan principles
  • Master plan documentation with all supporting graphics
  • Future zoning and development standards
  • Streetscape, public realm, and green space design guidelines
  • Implementation matrix

Phase III - Implementation (CURRENT)

Phase III will move us from plan to implementation as residents, stakeholders, staff and consultants determine short-, medium-, and long-term steps for realizing the plan and beginning to transform the area around the mall.

Plan Findings

Please download the plan to review all the findings.

Miami Crossing Brand

As part of the Dayton Mall Area Master Plan, a branding initiative was started. After interviews with local businesses, residents, and other stakeholders, a brand was created - Miami Crossing. A portion of the plan is dedicated to how this re-branding effort would occur and what opportunities are available to create a more recognizable district for people to live, work, and play.

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Miami Crossing