2016 Street Levy

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Election Update: November 3, 2015
The Miami Township Streets, Roads and Bridges 2.0 Mill Levy was voted down by the residents 3,710 to 3,296 on November 2nd. Miami Township remains committed to supporting the need for improved roadway infrastructure and will be assessing election results for future decisions.

Election Update: March 17, 2016
The Miami Township Streets, Roads and Bridges 2.0 Mill Levy was again voted down by the residents 3,916 to 3,622 on March 15th. Miami Township will be assessing the Road & Bridge Fund budget due to the lack of financial support, but adjustments in yearly programs and activities must be made in order to balance a budget losing roughly $450,000 per year in property tax revenue.

Educational Information
A 3 month Financial, Efficiency and Management Audit of the Public Works Department was completed in the Spring of 2015 by Mosaic Strategic Partners. The independent Audit Analysis determined a 2.0 Mill Roadway Resurfacing Levy is needed to adequately maintain Miami Township's roadway network. Mosaic's Audit Presentation can be viewed by clicking the "Public Works Audit" tab at the left side of this page. Two Public Input Meetings were held by the Board of Trustees at various locations in the Township regarding potential placement of this levy on the November 2015 Election Ballot. In January 2016, the Board of Trustees elected to place the levy back on the ballot in the March 2016 Election.

A brief informational summary can be viewed below regarding the 2016 Street Levy proposal.

Public Works Street Levy