Basketball Hoop Policy

Illegal Basketball Goal

Township Policy (2006)

The Miami Township Trustees adopted a resolution at the February 14, 2006 meeting that institutes a policy regarding the removal of permanent and portable basketball hoops located within the road right-of-way. The action stems from an increasing number of resident complaints and accidents involving the basketball hoops.

It is the obligation of Miami Township to keep the road rights-of-way clear of obstructions that impede or impose a threat to the motoring and pedestrian public. The  policy includes the steps involved to address any locations in violation. Please help correct this safety issue by removing the permanent or portable basketball hoop at your residence if located within the road right-of-way.

Update 2018

Miami Township's enforcement of the permanent and portable basketball hoop policy is under review by staff and legal counsel. Residents will be individually notified of illegal basketball goals placed within the right-of-way. Legal counsel will be providing guidelines to the Township for use in enforcement of this policy.