Salt Barn

De-Icing Salt Supplies & Operational Update 2018-19

Miami Township typically participates in a government partnership pooling program (SWOP4G) with many neighboring jurisdictions in Southwestern Ohio to obtain the lowest price bid for rock salt each year. All jurisdictions participating in this program submit a requested amount of rock salt to be collectively bid on by suppliers. Miami Township requests bids for 3,000 tons of rock salt each year. Miami Township only received one bid this year through the SWOP4G process. The bid price from the lone bidder was $89.95 per ton of rock salt. Last year's price was $47.18.

In reaction to this sharp increase in cost, to maintain fiscal responsibility Miami Township will continue the practice of assessing each snow event and conserve salt supplies through prioritizing township streets as necessary. What this means is the most heavily traveled multi-lane township streets will be treated first, followed by streets with steep inclines and select intersections. The remaining side streets and cul-de-sacs will be treated last or may not receive treatment if the snow event does not warrant action. Please adjust driving habits and time needed for travel to compensate for hazardous conditions.

Miami Township has built a reputation of providing commuters within the Township limits with safe travel when adverse weather strikes. We will continue to do so, but must continually evaluate our operations in order conserve supplies and maintain a balanced budget while ensuring motorist safety as a fundamental commitment to our community.